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Walker Singleton
A large, database driven, property and asset disposal website, with a bespoke content management system allowing the client to update most areas of the website whenever needed.
A content management system to update products and integration of a PayPal shopping cart.
Dog Friendly Britain
A database driven site with a content management system, e-commerce facilities, forum and user generated sections.
Getting Personal
A large database driven website that allows customers to personalise the gifts they buy. It has an extensive content management system, back-end reporting system and transparent e-commerce integration.
City Varieties
Leeds City Varieties required a content management system to enable them to easily add details of forthcoming events.
An e-commerce site selling power tools with a content management system.
The Independent Domestic Abuse Service website has various database driven sections that are managed internally by staff.
Making Better Places
Website and accompanying CD-ROM created to deliver learning materials relating to the development of design and the built enviroment.
P L Hill
A bespoke e-commerce solution for a supplier of metals.
Natural Voice Practitioners Network
A database driven site with content management system developed for an organisation for voice work practitioners.
Dance Ceroc
A database driven website with an administartion area, promoting the Ceroc style of dancing and giving information on classes in the Yorkshire area.
Whitby Archives Heritage Centre
Database driven website with content management system to allow display and purchase of a large archive of photographs and artefacts.
Dickson Harris
A recruitment site displaying current vacancies within the healthcare market.
Clearly Presented
A promotional website for a company specialising in presentations.
Large client-updateable catalogue with e-commerce solution.
A promotional website designed for Moku to introduce their range of detox foot patches.
The North Downs Way
Website designed to highlight the beauty of the North Downs Way and provide detailed information about the attractions, facilities and settlements along the route.
Blue Sky Residential
Website to highlight and promote residential developments.
Design Technology
A multimedia presentation to promote the School of Design Technology.
House Builders Federation 1
The first of two interactive educational CDs aimed at Key Stage 2 children.
The Pennine Way
Website to promote and highlight the beauty of the Pennine Way.
Waddington and Ledger Ltd
Promotional website to highlight their production capabilities including Flash slideshows.
Atlas Adventures
A highly interactive educational application with multi-player options.
Jubilee Walkway
Website to promote the Jubilee Walkway for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.
Conversion of print brochure to on-line catalogue with e-commerce solution and content management system.
House Builders Federation 2
The second of two interactive educational CDs aimed at Key Stage 3 children.
Mirari Kitchens
A cd to be used by salespeople as a visual selling aid and information provider
Colour Museum
Stand alone interactive application forming part of an exhibition display at the Colour Museum, Bradford.
Alpha Animals
A dual platform, bi-lingual educational application that is highly interactive and contains multi-player options.
CDs developed to enable salespeople to create customised presentations.
Lenny's World
Educational CD-ROM aimed at children developed for the Royal Mail.

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