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Labrys Multimedia has many years experience in web development. We are able to offer solutions ranging from a basic, promotional website through to a fully dynamic, database-driven site with e-commerce facilities and a comprehensive content management system.

Our designs are always of a very high standard, are easy to use and are approved by our clients during the design process. We can create a completely new look for an existing website or revamp its existing style/layout.

Many websites benefit from a content management system. Content that needs to be updated regularly or by a number of people could include products, latest news, or the text on various standard html pages. Clients can perform updates as often as they require through an ordinary web browser and no specialist knowledge is required.

To see examples of our work in this area please browse our portfolio.

When building websites we use a combination of HTML, Flash, ASP/PHP and Javascript. Not all these are required for every project, however, and the clients needs will determine the programmes and languages used.

We are often used by other development companies as a subcontractor for all or part of a project.

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